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Scan, order & pay.

With Butlaroo, your guests can view the menu, order and pay using their smartphone. Guests can order using the webapp, no download or registration required.


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Butlaroo helps hospitality companies of all sizes to organize their services in a smarter way. With more than 5,000 connected locations, we always have a solution for your business.


Trusted by the best.

We are an open platform that works with, and is trusted by many reliable partners.

How Butlaroo Works

How does Butlaroo work?

Enable guests to order with their own smartphone.

Scan QR code

No app downloading

View the menu

Filter on allergens
or diet and customize.

Place your order

Add a tip if you
are feeling happy.

Pay instantly

Pay using your preferred payment method.

Butlaroo Services

What does Butlaroo offer?

Start accepting omni-channel orders from your guests from within a single unified platform. Allow your guests to place orders in your business or online.


Allow your guests to view the menu, order and pay via smartphone in the language of the guest.


Add a fully customizable self-ordering kiosk to your restaurant for easy ordering with card payments.

and delivery

A fully customizable take-away and delivery module for your restaurant with zero commission.


Allow your guests to order from their hotel room using their own smart phone or tablet.

Learn why Butlaroo is great for your business

The Butlaroo dashboard offers all features required to manage your ordering environment, from small businesses to enterprises.

Increase your turnover

Consistent up- and cross-selling

Save on personnel costs

Integration with the POS system

Built-in customer loyalty

Implement your own brand identity

Extensive insights and reports

Order splitting: one payment, multiple payment recipients

Butlaroo Features

Learn why Butlaroo is great for your guests!

Butlaroo offers everything your guest needs to indulge in the best hospitality experience.

Order anytime

Your guests can order whenever they want without waiting for the waiter or menu to arrive.

Visual menu card

Photo's, descriptions or even movie clips will help your guest find what they like most.

Easy filtering

Filter on allergens and dietary preferences make it easier for your guest to make the right choice.

Easily repeat an order

Another round of beer? Have your guests repeat an order in seconds with only a single tap.

Easy and casual tipping

With each order your guest has the opportunity to add a tip very easily and casually.

Multi lingual menu

Offer as many languages as you want. Your menu will automatically be displayed in the language of your guest.


Start accepting orders today.

Get started in three easy steps.

1. Register a free trial account

Submit the registration form and log into your account

2. Configure or import your menu

Configure your menu with our user-friendly menu builder or import your existing menu.

3. Start receiving orders immediately, hassle-free

Order or print your QR-codes and start receiving orders immedietly.

Butlaroo and Tikkie

Butlaroo has a partnership with Tikkie. This allows you to order with Butlaroo, pay via Tikkie and easily split the bill with the push of a button. In other words: the most extensive ordering platform with the ease and speed of Tikkie.

More information

A delicious burger?

A delicious burger, a drink or an entire course? With Butlaroo this is just just a few simple steps away. Scan, order and (optionally) pay.

Advanced dashboard and restaurant management

The Butlaroo dashboard offers all features required to manage your ordering environment, from small businesses to enterprises.

Product & menu management

Order handler & management

Manage your ordering locations

Pausing and time schedule management

Advanced statistics and insights

QR code generation

Order rules & restrictions

Coupon code generation

Customizable reporting & export

Takeaway / delivery without commission!

Add our takeaway / delivery module to your website, or offfer it to your guests directly and start receiving orders today. We take no commission on your orders.