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Why choose Butlaroo?

Grand cafés, stadiums , bungalow parks, campsites and cinemas. Just a sample of the many concepts where Butlaroo is used as a service solution. Together with our partners we always look at how Butlaroo fits within the concept to achieve the best result.

Works on every device.

Because Butlaroo works with a web application, it works on different devices. Butlaroo works on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers and televisions.

Mobile payment.

Allow your guests to pay by using their own smartphone. That makes it easier for your guests and it guarantees a safe transaction. Butlaroo supports PayPal, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Bancontact & VPay.


Your branding, our app.

Every concept is unique and has its own corporate identity. With Butlaroo, we try to adapt this identity as much as possible so your guests can enjoy their experience without interruption. We do this by adding your logo to the top of the menu, integrate the colors of your corporate identity and by using your own pictures of all the dishes you offer.

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Increase your turnover with the up & cross selling tool

To serve your guests as well as possible you can, according to your own wishes, add extra options to a product. For example, you can add a delicious piece of cake to a cup of coffee, a bottle of water to a bottle of wine of you can allow your guests to put together their own burger

Fully integrated with your own cash register system.

To fully integrate Butlaroo into your own concept, we can link Butlaroo to your cash register system. This way you will not have to invest in extra equipment.

Statistics for new insights.

Through the Butlaroo dashboard you will always have an insight in the statics and results of the past days, months or years.

  • Manage offers & notifications

    Manage your own notifications that are highlighted in the application.

  • Insights and statistics

    Always access to the statistics interface.

  • Always in complete control

    Pause the service with one push on the button.

  • Flexible

    There is no maximum of order locations or orders per month. You can easily change the number of order locations every month.


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PSV & Butlaroo

The Philips stadium, the home of PSV and our pride. Not because of PSV, but because of our co-operation. Together we made the Philips stadium the first stadium in the world that offers seat-service. In the business lounge, more than a thousand seats are provided with a sticker with a QR code, which guests can use to log in to Butlaroo. By using the app, guests can easily order drinks or snacks, without having to miss the game.

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