COVID-19 & Butlaroo

As a result of the number of infections, social contacts must be limited as much as possible. That is why there are special rules for the hospitality industry. Besides from the many limitations that these restrictions bring, they also offer enormous opportunities. What opportunities does the Butlaroo platform offer your business?

Increase the level of hygiene and reduce direct personal contact
Don’t want to have to clean the menu after serving every guest? Let your guests easily and quickly view the menu on their own telephone. While viewing, guests can immediately order what they would like to have!

More efficiency
In addition to the efficiency gained during the ordering process, it also offers plenty of opportunities in the preparation of the orders. It means less stress behind the bar and in the kitchen, because the guests order more gradually than when the employees make a tour of the place every once in a while. In addition, it is also easier to respect the 1.5 meters distance in the kitchen and behind the bar.

Service increasing
Increase the level of your service by allowing the guest to place an order at any time. Direct Checkout? Hell yes! This offers new possibilities. Our statistics show that guests spend even more when they pay directly after ordering. Also, it means your employees wil have to worry less about tables leaving without paying.

Extra turnover
A digital, live customizable menu offers the possibility of additional sales through smart cross and upsell options. A glass of wine quickly becomes a bottle. The extra nuts with a beer are also added in no time.

Fully integrated
To further optimize your process, Butlaroo ensures that orders are processed directly in your checkout and accounting system.

Lower personnel costs
By taking the ordering process away from your staff, you will need fewer employees. So even with a staff shortage you can run the same turnover as before, or even more! Your employees can focus on hospitality completely.

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