Butlaroo & All-you-can-eat

Automation without worries

Why choose Butlaroo?

With Butlaroo your guests can order whenever they want. This will increase your turnover, lower the pressure in the workplace and give your staff more time for your guests

Your own rules

With Butlaroo we take over all your all you can eat rules to limit food waste. You can choose from the following rules, combining them is possible:

  • A maximum of dishes per person per round

  • A time limit in between ordering rounds

  • A maximum of ordering rounds

  • A timelimit to order rounds

  • Different rules for different arrangements


Increase your turnover with the up & cross selling tool

To serve your guests as well as possible you can, according to your own wishes, add extra options to a product. For example, you can add a delicious piece of cake to a cup of coffee, a bottle of water to a bottle of wine of you can allow your guests to put together their own burger!

Help your guests with information about allergens

Guests with allergies must always pay attention to what they eat. That is why Butlaroo clearly shows which allergens each product contains and it even provides the possibility to filter for allergens. This way your guest will have to worry about it as little as possible.

Fully integrated with your own cash register system.

To fully integrate Butlaroo into your own concept, we can link Butlaroo to your cash register system. This way you will not have to invest in extra equipment.

A menu with visual communications

Visual communication methods work way better than written content. With Butlaroo, you always have the option to add pictures to your products.


The language that fits your guests

Do you have international guests? With Butlaroo, you have the possibility to translate your menu in every language. Butlaroo will always show the correct language to your guests by looking at the language of their phone. Whether that language is English, German, French or even Chinese.

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Geisha & Butlaroo

Butlaroo and Geisha Lounge have been working together since 2017. Guests kan order food and drinks directly from their smartphones. To limit food waste guests can only order four dishes per person per round. After ordering, the guests can not place another order for ten minutes. Drinks on the other hand can be ordered limitless.

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