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On a sunny day, in the middle of June, after a long day of sweating at the office, three friends decided to close the working week well. They all ordered a drink and enjoyed the afternoon sun. While their drinks slowly disappeared, they started to crave their next drink. They teared themselves away from the conversation, turned around and tried to catch the attention of a server. However, after a few minutes they still had not succeeded. This discomfort led to the idea of Butlaroo.

After different studies supported this idea, we started to develop Butlaroo. Now, a couple of years later, Butlaroo has grown to be the market leader in mobile ordering and paying in the hospitality sector. With our own knowledge and the demands of our customers we are always trying to improve our product.

Hospitality over everything.

We want to improve the hospitality sector by transforming its traditional ways to modern ones. By using Butlaroo, you will add extra service, experience and interaction to your concept and you will provide your staff with more time to actually be hospitable.

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Phone number
+31 (0)40 - 223 10 31

Our address
De Neerheide 12c
5581 TP Waalre

We are available on workdays between 09:00 and 17:00.

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